Why study abroad?

It’s about pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone…

Why stude abroad?

When you finish your 12th exam or your final year exam of graduation, you breathe a sigh of relief as you finally finish your last exam. While you are waiting for your results, thought of further study lingers in your mind. “Should I study abroad or here in India?” Can’t decide? May be we can help you decide.

Venturing out of the comfort Zone:

You always feel safe while in comfort zone but you must push your boundaries as early as possible. Because earlier you push your boundaries, easier for you to adopt to the new environment. By studying abroad, you will learn leaving your life independently without help of your parents. You will have to manage your own finances, your accommodation, and so much more, alongside your academics. This will surely help boosting your self-confidence.

Quality of education:

Three most important factors that Indian students considered for deciding the quality of the education are: reputation of the institution; the range of programs, and availability of scholarship. All these three points can be easily achieved, if you study abroad. If you study abroad, you will have a chance to select from a range of subjects and have access to top-notch facilities, which may not be available back home to the same extent as it is abroad.

Global exposure:

You will have a chance to know different cultures as well as a great opportunity to expand your network of friends. You will learn how to mingle and socialise much better after your study abroad experience. Studying abroad will introduce you to a range of different cultures and languages. Getting used to a foreign culture will develop you overall as an individual, as you understand how different people across the globe view the world in different ways.

Employment opportunities:

Most Universities offer study options that are research informed and highly relevant to current industry expectations and standards. Many of them also run career support services for students during their study and even for their alumni. You will be offered assistance on various aspects such as resume writing, interviewing skills, and job-searching through career fairs. You will emerge employment ready on graduation. You are more marketable to potential employers after your study abroad experience. If you sell yourself right, you can make the employer see that the skills and knowledge you acquired while studying abroad are transferrable into the working world. Studying abroad can work wonders to your resume once you put your experience to paper!

Our view on Study Abroad:

In a nutshell, investing in a qualification that is recognised globally, provides global exposure like learning various cultures and networking opportunities, and appealing career options on graduation — these are just a few of many reasons why you should study abroad and the list could go on and on! The right question you should now be asking yourself is “When do I start?” Wait no more! This is the right time for you to get your applications started and we, at Edventure can help you every step of the way! We would love to hear from you — get in touch with us now.