Career counselling

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Career counselling

What is a perfect career? Let’s say a perfect career is a profession which is of your interest, developed on your strength and suits your personality. Now the million dollar question…How can I choose a perfect career? Career decisions based on unreliable information & peer pressure can lead you to a career which is absolutely of not suitable to you. If you're like many students faced with career decisions, we have a perfect solution for you.

Edventure offers the Career Counselling Service of that assesses your aptitude, personality, and interest area using our tailored psychometric tests.

Tangible Benefits of this test are:
      Written Report, Course Suggestion
      Job Profile for each Course Suggest

Intangible Benefits of this test are:
      Mental Peace
      Line of Action
      Career ( Not just Course)

Parameters we consider while testing:

Job Prospects, Intelligence (Not only Exam scores), Personal Strengths, Weakness, Personality, Attitude & Values, Gender, Location Preference, Financial Status and Family Background

Our Test Report includes:
      Indicator of the social desirability score
      EQ score
      Graphs and charts for at-a-glance analysis
      Scores for each of the twelve facets analyzed
      Summary of the candidate's profile
      Customized comments

Credential of Psychometric test:

Central Test – certified agency (statement of activity number: 11 75 44498 75) and member of the International Tests Commission (n° A-110)